Large Spanish Bronze Candlesticks made in the 20th Century. Well Preserved

Majestic Spanish bronze candlesticks of great size, manufactured in the 20th century.



Pair of solid bronze candlesticks made in Spain in the 20th century. These candlesticks are two impressive pieces, big in size and quite heavy that were probably designed to adorn the altar of a church. The chandeliers are similar in size and design and look stylish and solid. They are considerably high and very elegant, being in perfect condition. These candlesticks can be the perfect set to adorn a sumptuous fireplace or maybe the bottom of a great staircase.The base of both pieces is adorned with baroque-style volutes engraved in the metal. The legs are geometrical though they seem to have been inspired in the shape of some animals claws. Over each base we can see a flat pedestal on top of which there is a lobed ball. The vertical stick inserts directly into this ball. In the middle of each stick we can see a beautiful decorative detail: a node in each candlestick, delicately engraved with vegetal motives. Each stick is also fully decorated with geometrical engravings in the shape of triangular designs.The top of the candlesticks support the cups where the candles are inserted. Under them, a fine plate designed to collect the melted wax embellishes each piece, providing them with balance and beauty apart from its practical function. The plates are flower-shaped and their edges are nicely lobed. The sticks and bases are connected through screws, and can be dismantled in order to transport or clean them. These two striking pieces made of engraved bronze make up a really elegant set that will turn the most elegant room into a very special place.Measurements: Width: 220 mm. Height: 820 mm.

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