Antique Spanish Chalice made of Gilded Metal and Brass. Late XIX Century.

Delicate and simple Spanish chalice, made in gilded metal and brass at the end of the 19th century.



Nice antique chalice made of golden metal and brass in the late 19th century. This is a very special piece because of its ancient age (it is more than one hundred years old) and its discreet beauty. The piece comes from Spain and is delicately turned, boasting a very attractive silhouette adorned only by the luster of the metal, its own harmonious proportions and its soft curved shapes with different configurations. The dimensions and shape of the base, the stem and the chalice are perfectly balanced, making up a piece full of beauty and attractive.The chalices base is wide and solid, showing off an elegant elevation that supports the stem. The stem itself is composed of different turned pieces: a flat cylinder supporting a number of concave and convex pieces separated by thin circular protuberances. The stem is quite long and makes a fine contrast with the small size of the bowl that crowns the piece. This has a turned base with a flat top and a slightly wider mouth. The bowl is made of golden metal and inside boasts a strikingly good-looking reddish golden finish in wonderful condition.This chalice is well preserved except for the slight restoration it has in the middle of the stem. The simple and balanced decoration of the piece is surely its best feature, together with its ancient age: its design also depends on the turned shapes, with no engraved motives or complicated embossed patters. Thanks to its nice and simple design, this chalice deserves to stand out in a showcase with the most special religious antiques.Measurements: Width: 35 mm. Height: 220 mm.

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