Impressive Solid Silver Bishop's Chalice with Paten. France, Circa 1870

Imposing French bishop's chalice made of solid silver, gilded and contrasted. Circa 1870.



Striking huge bishop chalic, worthy of the Vatican Museum, made of solid silver in France in the late 19th century (circa 1870). This is a spectacular piece of sacred art, full of beauty and style and with hallmarks in all its parts. The chalice is in perfect condition and so is the paten that comes with it, engraved with the initials IHS, the cross and the Sacred Heart: the classic acronym symbolizing Christ. The paten and chalice set boast an inimitable beauty, specially the first one, whose big size let the silversmith that made it display his or her art in the shape of wonderful decorative engraved motives.The chalices base is big and is decorated with grape bunches symbolizing the wine that turns into Jesus Christs Blood during the Eucharist. Just over them we can see some angel heads between different religious figures, male and female, and a scene of the New Testament. We can see Saint Peter, a female figure (probably Virgin Mary) and a scene depicting the Virgin at the foot of the crucified Christ. Over the base, the central node is decorated with figs and grapes and winged angel heads.The cup is also beautifully engraved. It is made up by an openwork silver stand hat holds the cup itself, made of flat silver. The stand is embellished with several engravings: one of them depicts a female figure with an anchor, the traditional attribute of St. Philomena. We can also see an image of the Virgin with a cross and the Sacred Host. Finally, there is also another woman with three small kids. These images, highly beautiful, are separated by three engravings depicting plants: wheat, a fig and rushes. Both the chalice and the paten have hallmarks in all their parts, at the cup and at the base, marks that testify for the origin and quality of the silver they are made of.This impressive bishop chalice is a collectors piece fit to belong to a great museum of sacred art or to re-consecrate it and return it to the Church. It will surely be the best acquisition for the most demanding expert.Measurements: Chalice: Base: 160 mm. Total height: 300 mm. Cups height: 85 mm. Cups width: 95 mm. Paten: 160 mm diam.

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