Silver Chalice and Paten, 19th Century

Set of hand carved silver chalice and paten. France, XIX century. Contrasted and with case.



Lovely religious set composed of a fine chalice and a stylish paten, both made of sterling silver. The set comes from France and dates from the 1900s. It is accompanied by its original case. The pieces bear hallmarks in all their parts that testify for their origin and quality. The sterling silver boasts a nice gold-plated finish that provides it with an elegant look. The careful engraved decoration is especially remarkable, and was surely performed by a real artist of silversmiths craft.The chalice is decorated with embossed and engraved motives from the base to the cup. At the base we can see four medals depicting religious figure and accompanied by classic Christian symbols: wheat stalks, rushes and the Cross at the Calvary. Just over it we can see the node engraved with stalks and rushes, and then the cups base with a wonderful decoration of putti or angel boys. The cup is flat and bears two hallmarks; the chalices base bears them too.The patens only decoration is the IHS monogram that stands for Jesus Christ. It is engraved at the convex side and adorned by a radiant Latin cross. Near the edge, at this same side we can see the two contrasts also engraved at the chalices cup and base. Both pieces can be stored in their original case, outside black and inside lined of paper decorated with medieval-style red and blue flowers.This fine French set of silver chalice and paten is a religious silverware jewel, a collectors piece worthy of a museum.

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