Fine Antique Gilt Silver and Metal Ciborium. France, 19th Century

Antique silver and metal ciborium with hallmarks. Engraved by hand over all its surface. Very good looking.



Fine antique gilt silver and metal ciborium, made in France in the 19th century and with a lovely presence. In this piece, the cup is made of solid silver while the rest of the parts are gilt metal. The cup bears French hallmarks which tell us that the item was made for the exportation. The gilt finish which covers the lid and the foot shows some signs of wear, product of the trace of time and the use. Even so, the ciborium still shows a very attractive look which is enhanced by the beautiful hand-engraved decoration. It is composed of fine lineal and symmetrical vegetal-inspired motifs. We can see lanceolate symmetrical leaves at the point where the foot joins the stem, where the stem connects the cup and at the lid. Between the leaves there are delicate vegetal motifs, so schematic and slim that look almost abstract. A fine gilt cross crowns the piece and acts as a handle. For its nice design and ancient age, this fine antique gilt silver and metal ciborium will surely shine during the celebration of Eucharist. Dimensión. Foots Width: 4.4 in / 11.2 cm. Cups Width: 3.54 in / 9 cm. Height: 9 in / 24.5 cm.

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