Antique Silver Chalice in Excellent Condition. France, Circa 1890

Beautiful French silver chalice with inscription. In amazing condition and with engraved decoration.



Antique silver chalice in excellent condition made in France circa 1890, with an attractive presence and a stylized design. At the chalices foot we can see a hand-engraved inscription: Rvdo. D. Francisco Javier Ruiz López. Ordenación sacerdotal. 30 de Julio de 2000 (Reverend D. Francisco Javier Ruiz López. Priestly ordination. July 30th, 2000). Probably the chalice was restored for the occasion and maybe that is the reason of its spectacular look: it is just like new, with no traces of use or wear. The foot is circular in shape, with the edge adorned with the classic Christian and Eucharistic symbols: the reeds, the wheat stalks and the bunches of grapes. It has three engraved medallions with portraits of the members of the Sacred Family, and a cross in front of a walled city. The stem is composed of several nodes, the main one decorated with Eucharistic symbols. The chalice bears hallmarks at the foot: the profile of Minerva goddess which marks French silver pieces and a mark for exportation. The cup bears no marks but we can guarantee that it is 100% silver. The chalice comes with a simple gilt-metal paten, discreet and finely preserved. This very antique silver chalice in excellent condition, more than one century old and with an amazing presence, is an exclusive and beautiful piece. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 5.31 in / 13.5 cm. Cups Width: 3.46 in / 8.8 cm. Height: 10.63 in / 27 cm. Weight: 47 g. Diameter: 6.38 in / 16.2 cm.

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