Beautiful Antique Gilt-Silver Chalice. France, Circa 1900

Amazing gilt-silver chalice with paten, in fine condition and of stylized and simple beauty. With hallmarks.



Beautiful antique gilt-silver chalice coming from France, made circa 1900 and with silver paten. This amazing religious-art piece is more than one century old, but has survived to our days in the great condition we can appreciate in the images. Both the chalice and the paten bear hallmarks, which guarantee their quality and ancient age. They also bear the same silversmiths mark, which means they were made in the same atelier. The chalice shows a simple and elegant engraved decoration, with the circular foot adorned with lance-shaped leaves on a diamond-pattern background. Front side is marked with a Greek cross. The stem has two nodes, main and secondary; the main one is bigger and shows a fine engraved pattern of symmetrical leaves and flowers. The cup bears no decoration at all and shows the same hallmarks as the foot, clearly marked. The paten is also quite simple; its only decoration is a very simple hand-engraved circular cross. This beautiful antique gilt-silver chalice with silver paten is a true work of religious art, full of elegance, very antique and really special. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 4.45 in / 11.3 cm. Cups Width: 3.54 in / 9 cm. Weight: 278 g. Paten: Diameter: 4.92 in / 12.5 cm. Weight: 64 g. Total Weight: 342 g.

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