Fine Gilt Silver Ciborium in Its Storing Case. France, Circa 1900

Antique gilt silver ciborium with hand-engraved decoration. In very good condition. Original storing case.



Fine gilt silver ciborium in its storing case, made in France circa 1900 and in very good condition. The ciborium shows a stylized design, simple and timeless, which together with the subtle gilt finish makes up a really attractive piece. It has hallmarks at the foot and the cup, the one for antique French silver pieces and the silversmiths mark. The foot is adorned with simple symmetrical vegetal-inspired motifs, engraved by hand. Over the foot, the stem has two simple non-engraved nodes. The cup does not have any decoration too and is covered by a lid with the same engraved motifs as the foot, creating a uniform and balanced effect. At the top the lid has a gilt silver cross which acts as a handle. The storing case is the original of the ciborium; inside we can see an inscription with the manufacturers name, J. DANIEL, in golden lettering. Gorgeous and antique, this fine gilt silver ciborium in its storing case is an exclusive piece, perfect to commemorate a priestly ordination. Dimensions: Width: 4,72 in / 12 cm. Height: 10,83 in / 27.5 cm. Weight: 351 g.

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