Antique Travel or Portable Gilt-Silver Monstrance. France, Circa 1900

Fine antique portable gilt-silver monstrance with hand-engraved decoration. In fine condition.



Antique travel or portable gilt-silver monstrance, coming from France and made circa 1900. This beautiful silverwork piece is in really good condition, and can be perfectly used to appropriately transport the Consecrated Host. The monstrance is circular in shape, quite similar to a paten, with the peculiarity that the central part is concave. This part, bound to host the Body of Christ, can be closed with a circular lid which adapts perfectly to the edge. The lid is decorated with the Crismon, a monogram with the Greek letters CP. These letters are the first ones of the Greek name ??????? (Khristos, The anointed). Under them we can see two more Catholic symbols, a basket with bread and a fish, which correspond to the famous miracle related by the Evangelists. Close to the monstrances edge we can see two hallmarks, clearly marked the one for antique French silver (a profile of Minerva the goddess) and the silversmiths mark, with the initials WS. This superb travel or portable gilt-silver monstrance is bound to become part of a priests belongings, the perfect gift for his ordaining. Dimensions: Outer Diameter: 3.75 in / 9.5 cm. Inner Diameter: 1.5 in / 3.8 cm. Weight: 65 g.

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