Antique Silver Holly Water Font with Virgin Mary. Germany, Circa 1800

Beautiful silver home stoup with the image of the Virgin in the center. In good condition. With hallmarks.



Antique silver holly water font or home stoup with an image of Virgin Mary, coming from Germany and made circa 1800. The stoup has three visible hallmarks at the back one of them, a rampant lion or dragon, suggests it could come from the South of Germany (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria or maybe the city of Ingolstadt) or even Netherlands. In both countries, rampant-beast-shaped hallmarks are quite common; but in this case it is most probable that the stoup was made in the South of Germany, though we cannot guarantee it. The same can be said about the date of manufacture: these marks started being used in the 15th century, though it is likely that this piece was made in the late 18th or early 19th centuries. The stoup has a small flaw at the top. Its design is elaborate and baroque, full of asymmetrical scrolls, flowers and waves which surround a bust of Virgin Mary. The vessel for the holy water is adorned with an embossed angel flanked by flowers, and preserves the hinged lid in fine condition. This amazing antique silver home stoup with an image of Virgin Mary is bound to shine in a classy hall or to become part of a good collection. Dimensions: Width: 4.45 in / 11.3 cm. Height: 7.48 in / 19 cm. Weight: 198 g.

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