Antique French Chalice with Enamels. France, Circa 1880

Fine antique gilt-silver chalice with enamels. Silver paten. Hallmarks on both pieces.



Antique French gilt silver chalice with enamels, made in France circa 1880 and accompanied by a hand-engraved silver paten from the same period. This beautiful set is quite well preserved; though the enamels have some flaws and there are slight scratches in the cup, generally speaking the chalice shows a beautiful look. The colorful enamels make a perfect match with the gilt silver, and the balanced and sumptuous design of the chalice turns it into an attention-drawing item. The foot is conical and is divided in six sections or lobes, each one decorated with a circular enamel. We can see two different designs; this could indicate that some of the enamels was replaced in some moment. The front enamel is covered by a delicate gilt-silver cross which lets us glimpse its design. The hexagonal-section stem, adorned with some hand-engraved simple motifs, has a node with enamels of the same style as the ones at the foot. The subcup has quite a sober and simple decoration, with schematic vegetal-inspired engraved and embossed motifs. Last but not least, the paten is made of silver and bears the hand-engraved monogram of Jesus Christ, IHS, with a cross over the I, the Sacred Heart below and a crown of thorns framing the whole set. Gorgeous and authentic, this antique French chalice with enamels deserves to take part again in the celebration of Eucharist. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width; 6.1 in / 15.5 cm. Cups Width: 3.94 in / 10 cm. Height: 10 in / 25.4 cm. Weight: 585 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.31 in / 13.5 cm. Weight: 66 g. Total Weight: 648 g.

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