Gorgeous Antique Gilt Silver Monstrance. France, Circa 1880

Rare elaborated silver monstrance in fine condition. Complete. Beautiful baroque-styled design.



Gorgeous Antique Gilt Silver Monstrance. France, Circa 1880

Gorgeous antique gilt silver monstrance made in France circa 1880 and in good condition. The monstrance is complete and contains a beveled-glass lunette, adapted to the structure. The foot shows a profusely decorated design, composed of big scrolls in a pyramid-like composition which create a powerful impression of movement. At the front side, the scrolls frame an image of the Lamb of God; at the back we can see the Symbol of God, a radiant triangle among the clouds. Over the foot, the neck is adorned by a node decorated with wheat stalks. From the node emerge a group of stalks which support the sunburst, the top part of the monstrance. In the center of the sunburst there is a group of silver clouds which frame the lunette (the glass capsule which contains the Consecrated Host). From them emerge the classic silver rays which enhance the Host. The monstrance is crowned by a fine-looking top cross.

This gorgeous antique gilt silver monstrance is a real work of art, worthy to belong to the treasure of a church or a cathedral.

Dimensions: Foot: Width: 7.08 in / 18 cm. Depth: 5.90 in / 15 cm. Sun: 12.59 in/ 32 cm. Height: 24.21 in / 61.5 cm. Weight: 1021 g.

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