Fantastic Neogothic Chalice. Gilt Silver and Enamels. Spain, 1955

Awesome 1950s gilt silver and enamel chalice. In very good condition. With silver paten and spoon and original storing case.



Fantastic Neogothic Chalice. Gilt Silver and Enamels. Spain, 1955

Amazing vintage gilt silver chalice made in Spain in 1955 and with gilt silver paten and spoon. All the pieces that make up this spectacular sacred silversmith set are original and remain in good condition, being presented in their storing case. The chalice is a truly gorgeous piece, with a simple neo-gothic-style design. The ample foot, decorated with embossed leaves and punctured background, preserves three colorful enamel medallions with the images of Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and Jesus Christ with the Sacred Heart. The stem has two nodes, a hexagonal secondary one and a main one adorned with simple floral engraved and embossed motifs. The subcup shows the same decoration, matching the foot too. The cup and the foot bear hallmarks which testify for the chalice’s quality and ancient age. If we turn the chalice upside down, inside the foot we will see a hand-engraved dedicatory in elegant cursive lettering and dated in 1955. The paten which comes with it bears the engraved Jesus Christ’s monogram, JHS, with a radiant cross; on the other hand, the spoon is adorned with a cut Greek cross trimming the end. The storing case is greatly preserved, with a gorgeous inner red satin lining which makes the beautiful silver pieces stand out.

As complete as attractive, this amazing vintage gilt silver chalice with storing case, paten and spoon will be the best gift for a priest, on the event of his confirmation.

Dimensions: Chalice: Foot’s Width: 5,74 in / 14.6 cm. Cup’s Width: 3.34 in / 8.5 cm. Height: 8.26 in / 21 cm. Weight: 642 g. Paten: Diameter: 5 in / 12.7 cm. Weight: 81 g. Total Weight: 723 g.

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