Amazing Antique Gilt Silver Chalice. 19th Century

Superb silver chalice with hand-engraved Christian symbols at the foot and the cup. Very well preserved and really beautiful.



Amazing Antique Gilt Silver Chalice. 19th Century

Amazing antique gilt silver chalice made in the 19th century, in good condition and with outstanding decoration. Though it has no hallmarks, we can ensure it is made of 100% silver – it has been tested by a professional silversmith and a written guarantee is provided. The absence of hallmarks prevents us from knowing exactly where this chalice was made – it could be French, but it most likely comes from Belgium. These country would produce French-style chalices in those times, many of them without hallmarks. This is quite an elaborate piece, of a clear baroque inspiration and full of scrolls, images and Christian symbols. At the foot we can see four embossed images depicting the Four Evangelists with their respective symbols: an angel, a lion, a bull or ox and an eagle. The images are framed by classic high-relief scrolls which cover the stem and reach the subcup. At the stem, the node is adorned with four putti: and just over it, the subcup shows four images: the Holy Shroud (the cloth used by Saint Veronica to clean the face of Christ on His way to the Calvary, and which according to tradition was marked with His facial features) and the three Theological Virtues: faith, hope and charity. The chalice comes with an antique patina, also made of silver and with no decoration.

As gorgeous as authentic, this amazing antique gilt silver chalice from the 19th century will stand out in the best collection of religious silverwork, but also in the celebration of Eucharist.

Dimensions: Chalice: Foot’s Width: 6.88 in / 17.5 cm. Cup’s Width: 3.93 in / 10 cm. Height: 10.82 in / 27.5 cm. Weight: 634 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.90 in / 15 cm. Weight: 108 g. Total Weight: 742 g.

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