Antique Classic Style Silver Ciborium. France, Circa 1880

Antique French embossed-silver ciborium. With hallmarks and in excellent condition. 19th century.



Antique Classic Style Silver Ciborium. France, Circa 1880

Antique silver ciborium made in France circa 1880, in very good condition and with a fine classic-style design. This piece stands out for its hand-engraved decoration, with images of saints and Christian iconography. It also bears the French silver hallmark (the profile of Minerva) and the goldsmith’s mark with the initials FF. The foot is circular and has three embossed medallions with busts of saints: Saint Peter, Saint John and Saint Paul. Between them there are the classic symbols of the Eucharist, the wheat stalks and the vine with grapes, and the symbol of the People of God, a group of reeds. These images can also be seen at the node, the subcup and the lid, creating a balanced and embracing decoration full of aesthetic interest. The lid is crowned by a freestanding cross, stylized and adorned with scrolls, which acts as a handle to lift it.

This antique silver ciborium will shine during the celebration of mass.

Dimensions: Foot’s Width: 5.31 in / 13.5 cm. Cup’s Width: 4.05 in / 10.3 cm. Height: 10.43 in / 26.5 cm. Weight: 423 g.

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