Antique Monstrance in Solid Silver Gilt. Demarquet Brothers. France, 1870

Magnificent and antique solid gilded silver monstrance with the contrast of the Demarquet Brothers. Very well preserved.



Rare and antique French gold-plated solid silver monstrance made in 1970. This is an outstanding piece of sacred art that stands out for its excellent general condition, as well as for its gorgeous design. The monstrance bears the hallmark of the Demarquet brothers (Demarquet Fréres).Arthur and Louis Demarquet were two prestigious Parisian silversmiths who had their workshop at the 44 Rue des Gravilliers. Their business was active between 1868 and 1890. The monstrance that we can see in the images is a striking example of their quality work: a detailed piece with balanced proportions boasting a lovely decoration. The monstrances design is as rare as attractive. The foot is squared in shape and stands on four curved legs that support a series of symmetrical moldings. In this part we can see a series of embossed Christian symbols: the triangle that represents God, the Agnus Dei or Lamb of God (a symbol of Jesus Christ) and bunches of grapes. The foot narrows upwards and reaches the top of the monstrance, where we can see again a bunch of grapes symbolizing the Eucharistic wine. The central lunette (also known as luna) is surrounded by three angel heads, as well as the classic sunrays. At the top of the piece we can see a delicate and lovely filigree cross, a fine crowning detail. The monstrance is in good condition, although it shows two small openings at one point on its sides, very easily repaired as they are only bent. It comes with an antique lunette; the fixing guide is missing but it can be replaced by a professional silversmith. One of the most relevant features of this item is its great size: it is more than 28 in / 70 cm high, which turns it into a remarkable piece. The monstrance is fully made of gold-plated solid silver: we can see the hallmark that marks antique French silver pieces in different parts, together with the silversmiths marks. Last but not least, one of the monstrance sides bears the engraved year of manufacture (1870), while at the other we can see a name: AUGUSTINE COSTY. This superb antique solid-silver monstrance signed by the Demarquet brothers will stand out in any collection of sacred art pieces. Measurements: Foots Width: 8 in / 20 cm. Depth: 6 in / 15 cm. Top Width: 14 in / 35 cm. Height: 28 in / 70 cm. Weight: 1500 g.

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