Antique Gothich-Style Ciborium. Gilt Solid Silver. Córdoba, Spain, Early 20th C.

Amazing antique solid-silver neo-gothic-style ciborium. With gold-plated finish original from the period. Outstanding piece.



Spectacular gold-plated solid-silver gothic-style ciborium, probably made in Córdoba, Spain in the early 19th century. This is a really awesome piece, big in size and which stands out for its detailed and complex decoration. Though the ciborium does not bear hallmarks in any of its parts, it has been acid-tested and we can guarantee that the whole piece is made of solid silver. The gold-plated finish is finely preserved and provides the item with a warm and stately look. As there are no hallmarks we cannot state the ciboriums origin, but we think it could have been made in Córdoba, Spain. The ciborium shows a clear medieval-inspired design. It is a neo-gothic piece which includes neoclassic and Arab-style details. This mixture of styles is typical of the period and makes up a singular and attractive item. The foot is divided in equal lobes, each one decorated with ornamental vegetal-inspired motifs, schematic and regular. The central node is a clearly gothic in style: it is shaped like a flattened sphere and is divided in sections. Each section is marked by a lean silver ball. The stem is hexagonal in section and bears small Arab-style motifs depicting contra-curved arches. The cup is an amazing part itself, shaped like a small temple and adorned with pinnacles and traceries. The embossed motifs that cover its surface, just like the ones at the lid, are similar to the foots decoration and create a uniform, balanced and beautiful piece. This spectacular gold-plated solid-silver gothic-style ciborium is a piece worthy of the best chapel. It will surely stand out as part of a collection or when standing on an altar. Dimensions: Width: 6.7 in / 17 cm. Height: 13.78 in / 35 cm. Depth: 5.9 in / 15 cm.

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