Antique Solid-Silver Jewish Yad Torah Pointer. Judaica

Fine solid-silver Yad. Antique piece in good condition. With hallmark.



Antique solid-silver Jewish yad, a truly ancient and original piece. The yad is a ritual object consisting of a shaft with an ornamental piece at the narrower end. It is used in ceremonial services to follow the written text of the Torah without touching the scroll with the finger. Thus, the sacred manuscript does not get impure and it also helps to its preservation. The yad that we can see in these images is made of silver and is adorned with delicate hand-engraved motifs. It has a hallmark, but it is impossible to read. The motifs are quite simple just wavy bands composed of triangles or lines. At the end which touches the Torah, the yad has an ovoid silver element; at the other we can see a hole with a chain. This antique solid-silver Jewish yad is a piece full of personality and value, perfect to be used in liturgical services. Dimensions: Length: 8 in / 20.5 cm. Weight: 56 g.

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