Antique Ciborium Made of 100% Two-Colored Solid Silver. France, 19th Century

Gorgeous antique French solid-silver ciborium. Two-colored surface. With engraved neo-gothic decoration.



Antique ciborium made of 100% two-colored solid silver, manufactured in France in the 19th century and with a lovely design. The ciborium is finely preserved and bears hallmarks at the foot, the cup and the lid the marks identify antique French silver and the silversmith who made the piece. It is entirely adorned with hand-engraved motifs and elements, in an elegant neo-gothic style. Most of the ciborium is made of gilt silver, with plain silver appliqués which create a fine combination. The lobed base is decorated with stylized symmetrical wheat stalks and leave-shaped appliques framed by pointed arches. This decoration can also be seen at the lid and the subcup. The stem has main and secondary nodes, the main one decorated with diagonal lines and a band of diamonds. The ciborium is in really good condition and is the perfect piece for the celebration of Eucharist. This antique ciborium made of 100% two-colored solid silver will shine in any collection or during the Mass. Dimensions: Foots Width: 5.63 in / 14.3 cm. Cups Width: 4.13 in / 10.5 cm. Height: 11 in / 28 cm. Weight: 500 g.

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