Antique Solid-Silver Monstrance. Probably Belgian. Circa 1900

Gorgeous gilt-and-plain silver monstrance with stylish decoration. Antique piece.



Beautiful solid-silver monstrance, probably Belgian, made circa 1900 and in fine condition. The monstrance is entirely made of silver though it has no hallmarks in any of its parts. The silver combines gilt and plain parts which create a lovely interplay of lights and contrasts. The foot is lobed in shape; at its front side we can see a delicate hand-engraved cross. The stem is composed of several non-engraved nodes with a group of wheat stalks at the top. This motif acts as a base for the Sun, the monstrances main part. At the center of the Sun, framed by a magnificent display of gilt-silver sunrays we can see the lunette. This piece was probably made later and could need an adjustment in order to relocate the central support. The original glass panels have been substituted by methacrylate pieces, though the glass could be easily replaced. At its highest point, the monstrance is crowned by a stylized cross. Perfect to preside a church or as part of a collection, this solid-silver monstrance (probably Belgian) is an antique and special item. Dimensions: Foots Width: 6.81 in / 17.3 cm. Total Width: 12.59 in / 32 cm. Height: 21.85 in / 55.5 cm. Weight: 1520 g.

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