Antique Gilt-Silver Chalice. France, Circa 1900

Elegant gilt-silver chalice with neogothic-style engravings. Simple and attractive decoration. With paten.



Nice and simple antique gilt-silver chalice made in France circa 1900 and in fine condition. The chalice stands out for its stylish simplicity: it is a piece with a classic and balanced design, decorated with hand-engraved linear neogothic-style motifs. It bears hallmarks at the foot and the cup, one which identifies antique silver French pieces and the silversmiths mark, with the initials EF. The foot is conical in shape and is adorned with long symmetrical leaves which start at the stem. The leaves contain simple symmetrical floral patterns; at the front, the patterns are substituted by a Latin cross. Close to the stem, the silver has a small fold. As a preventive measure, a long time ago the point was reinforced inside and currently the chalice can be perfectly used. The stem is straight, with a hand-engraved main node and a secondary one below. At the top, the silver cup stands on a fine subcup with a similar decoration to that of the foot. The paten which comes with the chalice is made of gilt silver. It has no engravings or hallmarks, but is still an antique and quality piece. This simple gilt-silver chalice is full of history and charm, being the perfect companion for a newly-ordained priest. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 4.8 in / 12.5 cm. Cups Width: 3.35 in / 8.5 cm. Height: 8 in / 20.5 cm. Weight: 357 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.12 in / 13 cm. Weight: 68 g. Total Weight: 425 g.

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