Large Antique White and Gilt Silver Chalice. France, Circa 1880

Antique big-sized silver chalice with great engraved decoration. White and Gilt Silver. Very beautiful.



Large antique white and gilt silver chalice original from France, made circa 1880 and in fine condition. This is an important sacred-silversmith piece, with a gorgeous decoration of handmade engraved and embossed images and accompanied by a fine silver paten. The foot and the chalice are made of white silver, while the cup and the supcup are gilt-silver parts. The contrast between the finishes provides this item with a remarkably original look, making it stand out when compared with more conventional pieces. The foot is ample and is profusely adorned with engraved Christian symbols (wheat stalks, bunches of grapes and groups of reeds) combined with three oval medallions with profiles of Virgin Mary, Jesus and Saint Joseph. The foots edge bears a fine ornamentation of scrolls and cherubs heads, and at the front we can see the classical Latin cross. The stem is composed of several consecutive nodes, the main one decorated with more cherubs and flowers. The cup which crowns the chalice shows a fine-looking straight shape with curved edges, and stands on a subcup decorated with stylized images of wheat stalks, reeds and a vine with bunches of grapes. The chalice bears hallmarks at the foot and the cup. At the top, near the edge of the cup there is an old-time scratch: far from interfering with the pieces beauty or use, this detail speaks to us about the long history of this amazing antique. Last but not least, the paten is made of white silver with gilt edge and bears no hallmarks or engravings, being still a valuable and ancient piece. This antique white and gilt silver chalice will draw anyones attention for its spectacular presence. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 6.3 in / 16 cm. Cups Width: 3.62 in / 9.2 cm. Weight: 546 g. Paten: Diameter: 6.61 in / 16.8 cm. Weight: 132 g. Total Weight: 678 g.

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