Fine Antique Gilt Silver and Metal Chalice. France, 19th Century

Gorgeous silver and metal chalice more than one century old. With paten. Beautiful design.



Fine antique gilt silver and metal chalice made in France in the 19th century, in good condition and more than one century old. The chalice shows a balanced and elegant design the cup is made of silver and bears hallmarks, while the foot and the stem are made of gilt metal. The gilt finish is slightly worn but the design still preserves its great attractive. The flower-shaped foot is divided in six sections, all of them containing simple and stylized symmetrical motifs depicting three wheat stalks. The stem is adorned with linear engravings which cover the two nodes, main and secondary. At the top, the openwork subcup has the same decoration as the foot and creates a harmonious effect. Close to the cups edge we can see two hallmarks: the one for antique French silver pieces and the silversmiths mark. The paten which comes with the chalice is made of gilt metal and is a fine ancient piece too. For its simplicity and its beauty, this fine antique gilt silver and metal chalice deserves to belong to a priest with a passion for ancient items. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 5.79 in / 14.7 cm. Cups Width: 3.54 in / 9 cm. Height: 9.53 in / 24.2 cm. Paten: Diameter: 5.2 in / 13.2 cm.

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