Small Antique Sterling Silver Ciborium. Circa 1900

Charming antique small-sized sterling silver ciborium. With hallmarks. In very good condition.



Beautiful small sterling silver ciborium made circa 1900 and in excellent condition. For its small size, one could think that it was originally manufactured for a small chapel, maybe part of a family property or, perhaps, a travel ciborium. This delicate piece stands out for its simple design and balanced design, features which turn it into a first-class article. The ciborium bears hallmarks inside the foot; the number 916 indicates that it is made of sterling silver. The circular and conical-shaped foot gets narrower when it reaches the stem; its only decoration are two engraved bands, one with tiny balls and the other with vine leaves. The motifs are engraved by hand and bear gilt backgrounds. This decoration is also present in the cup and creates an enveloping and balanced design. The ciborium is crowned by a silver lid with a stylized Latin cross at the top which acts as a handle. This small antique sterling silver ciborium will stand out in the best collection, being also a magnificent article for the work of a priest.. Dimensions. Foots Width: 3.46 in / 8.8 cm. Cups Width: 2.68 in / 6.8 cm. Height: 7.87 in / 20 cm. Weight: 220 g.

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