Beautiful Roman Style Silver Chalice in Its Storing Case. Belgium, 1937

Fine and simple silver chalice with storing case and paten. With hallmarks. Made by Devroye Fréres.



Beautiful silver chalice in its storing case, Roman style, made in Belgium in 1937 and with paten. The chalice shows a fine aesthetic, consistent with the time it was made, with a simple and compact neo-Romanesque design and hand-engraved motifs. Inside the foot we can see the silvers hallmarks and the silversmiths mark, together with the year of manufacture, 1937. The chalice has an ample conical foot with a gorgeous hand-engraved image of Virgin Mary at the back and a simple Greek cross at the front. The stem is short, occupied mostly by a node decorated with a Crismon, the initials AM and a bunch of grapes, symbol of the Eucharistic Wine. The cup is wide and has no engraved decoration at all. The chalice comes with a silver paten adorned with the same engraved cross which we could see in its foot. The two pieces are stored in their original case, marked inside with the silversmiths name, DEVROYE FRÉRES á Bruxelles. As attractive as complete, this beautiful silver chalice in its storing case will be a life companion for a priest in the beginning of his ministry. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 5.28 in / 13.4 cm. Cups Width: 4.61 in / 11.7 cm. Height: 6.57 in / 16.7 cm. Weight: 485 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.71 in / 14.5 cm. Weight: 117 g. Total Weight: 575 g.

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