Beautiful Antique Spanish Silver Chalice. Spain, 19th Century

Gorgeous antique silver chalice made in Spain. In very good condition. With hand-made paten, also silver.



Beautiful antique Spanish silver chalice, made in Spain in the 19th century and in very good condition. The chalice comes with an ancient silver hand-made paten. Though it bears no hallmarks, we can ensure it is an antique and quality piece. The chalice does bear its own marks: we can see the silversmiths mark at the foot, with the initials MG, and a hallmark used in Spanish antique silver pieces. The foot is circular in shape and shows a gorgeous hand-engraved decoration, simple and elegant, composed of scrolls and flowers. The stem is a succession of nodes, the main one decorated with engraved motifs similar to those at the foot. The cup stands on a fine openwork subcup, with images of some of the Arma Christi (symbols of the Passion of Christ): the hammer, the lances, the three nails, the cross and a group composed of a lance and a cane with a sponge. The embossed motifs are made by hand and remain in amazing condition, providing the chalice with a powerful beauty. For its striking design and high quality, this beautiful antique Spanish silver chalice deserves to belong to a priest with a passion for the most special antiques. Dimensions: Chalice: Foots Width: 5.31 in / 13.5 cm. Cups Width: 3.46 in / 8.8 cm. Height: 10.63 in / 27 cm. Weight: 565 g. Paten: Diameter: 5.47 in / 13.9 cm. Weight: 108 g. Total Weight: 673 g.

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