Very Antique Liturgical Silver Cruet Set. Paris, France, 1819-1838

Amazing antique silver cruet set, around two centuries old. With hallmarks of the city of Paris. In very good condition.



Very antique liturgical silver cruet set made in Paris, France between 1819 and 1838, with a fine and balanced design. The cruets are in excellent condition, especially considering that they are nearly two centuries old. They look elegant and stylized, and are enhanced with a fine hand-engraved decoration: long leaves emerging from the base which hide Christian and Eucharistic symbols (reeds and vine leaves). The cruets handles are trimmed with birds heads, providing the design with an original and attractive look. Both the tray and the cruets bear hallmarks which guarantee their quality and ancient age. Two of the marks were used in silver pieces made between 1819 and 1838, and the other one is the silversmiths mark. This feature, together with the remarkable beauty of the set and its great condition, turn this cruet set into an exclusive piece. Any lover of ancient silver and objects of sacred art will surely appreciate the quality and the attractive of these very antique liturgical silver cruets. Dimensions: Tray: Width: 9.84 in / 25 cm. Depth: 5.12 in / 13 cm. Weight: 165 g. Cruets: Width: 1.81 in / 4.6 cm. Height: 5.12 in / 13 cm. Weight: 167 g. Total Weight: 332 g.

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